I`m glad I took a break: Sangeeta Ghosh

Mumbai: Actress Sangeeta Ghosh, who is back on television with `Kehta Hai Dil... Jee Le Zara`, after a self-imposed layoff of six years, says the break did her a world of good. And her marriage is not even remotely associated with it.

"Yes, I took a long break. But it wasn`t because I got married. I took a break from television long before that. I just got tired of working day in and day out. I was missing out on my family life," Sangeeta said.

“Television is very exhausting. It`s also very difficult to get off that roller-coaster of round-the-clock shooting. But one fine day, I just said enough was enough, and I quit. And you know what? I am so glad I took that break.

"It helped me reconnect with all that is real and vital in my life. I also got a chance to be with my father in his last few years,” she added.

Sangeeta says she is not back to the industry because she got restless.

"I didn`t get bored of staying away from acting. In fact, I left because I was bored of seeing myself on television, although I must admit I didn`t do that many serials. Still, I think I did more than enough. Now I am back because I want to work again. I feel I`ve something to offer as an actress,” she said.

Sangeeta, whose last fiction shows were `Rabba Ishq Na Hove` and `Viraasat`, feels the TV industry has become more professional.

"The scripts are more well-knit, the characters are more believable and the competition is such that you can`t drag on a serial unless it is liked by the viewers. The shooting crew is so much larger than it used to be earlier.

"Everyone is doing a specialised job on the sets. Work gets done faster,” said the actress, best known as Pammi from `Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand`.

Curiously, Sangeeta never did any “saas-bahu” (mother and daughter-in-law) serials.

"I was fortunate to not allow myself to get saturated on TV. It`s not as if I didn`t do any saas-bahu serials. It`s just that I escaped getting stagnant in any genre. I think I made the right choices.

"I concentrated on television for as long as I could. Then I gave movies a try. Unfortunately, my films were shelved. But that`s okay. What has to happen in life must happen,” said the 37-year-old.

She is kicked by the vastness of the television industry.

"I am very happy to be back with a serial that allows me to play my age and to do something that is real and connectable with life,” said Sangeeta, who essays the role of a girl in her 30s who has been looking after her family at the cost of her personal life.

Describing her character further, she said: "She enjoys doing what she is doing. She doesn`t miss a personal life, though her grandparents pressurise her to get married. Then she meets a slightly younger boy, played by Ruslaan Mumtaz, who is just her opposite. He is reckless, brash and a spoilt brat. It`s not a run-of-the-mill romance."

Sangeeta seems to be fully into TV again, but says: "Who knows? Two years from now I may take a break again. At the moment, I love my work."

Sangeeta says she can never do a reality show like `Bigg Boss`.

"But hats off to those celebrities who can play their lives out on camera. I am too private a person,” she said.