I overrated myself for `Bigg Boss`: Rajat Rawail

Updated: Sep 29, 2013, 10:50 AM IST

New Delhi: Producer-actor Rajat Rawail, the second contestant to get eliminated from `Bigg Boss`, says he had a difficult two weeks in the house due to his bad health.

The `Bodyguard` actor, who had a meltdown on the show, said he lost focus from `Bigg Boss` too early as he slipped into depression and sleep apnea.

"I overrated myself for the show. I didn`t have a clue that life will be so tough inside the house for a person like me who is overweight. I overlooked certain protocols of the house before entering into it," Rajat told reporters.

But the actor, who will be remembered for his funny T-shirts, promises that people will get to see a new Rajat during the finale of the show in December.

"The show has motivated me to have a control over my body and mind. I will hire a physical trainer and start working out as I have to fulfill my daughter`s wish to have a body like Akshay Kumar. I have to be mentally strong also because unlike other contestants I was missing my daughter and wife badly on the show," he said.

Rajat denied claims made by some of co-contestants Armaan Kohli and VJ Andy that his meltdown was a publicity stunt to gain prominence on the show.

"I entered the house with much enthusiasm and got along well with everyone. I participated to entertain everyone on the show but that doesn`t mean that I am a joker. I am sorry that I couldn`t meet the expectation of my fans," he said.

Rajat found a good friend in Shilpa Agnihotri and was often seen opening up to her whenever he felt low or depressed. He also said that she has good chance of winning the show apart from Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan.


Pic Courtesy: pz10.com