I want to play my age, says TV actress Vandana Pathak

Updated: Jun 24, 2012, 08:29 AM IST

New Delhi: Actor Vandana Pathak, a familiar face on the small screen since the 1995 hit show ‘Hum Paanch’, is on the lookout for an image makeover and wants to play characters closer to her age.

She has draped a sari for most of her shows like ‘Khichdi’, ‘Mrs. and Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale’ and ‘R.K. Laxman Ki Duniya’. But now she wants a change.

"I`m looking for a makeover. It`s high time. I really want to look myself. I look too old. I don`t mind doing what I am doing, but on screen I want to look my age," Vandana told reporters, without divulging her real age.

From playing the gossip monger in ‘Khichdi’ to the confused mother-in-law in ‘Main Kab Saas Banoongi’, Vandana feels blessed to have played varied characters in a career span of over a decade.

"I had all the shades that any actress would want. I dont` think any actress would have got the chance to play so many shades. I feel I`m really blessed. I got to learn so much," said Vandana, who is currently seen on Sab TV`s show ‘R.K.Laxman Ki Duniya’.

The actress also adds that humour is very important on reel as people are already dealing with stress in the real life.

"There is no life without humour. There`s so much stress all around and on top of that you see this (serious shows) and get stressed further. So you need some relief," she said.

Talking about the way women have taken over the small screen, Vandana feels that it`s about time people realise that women are ruling.

"People love watching women in strong roles. Even if we don`t talk about serials, women are in the top position everywhere. Women are no more suppressed. Time has changed, so people must know that women are ruling," said Vandana.

Asked if she plans to make a big debut on the silver screen, Vandana, who wasn`t even seen in the movie version of ‘Khichdi’, says she is content working on the small screen.

"I`m basically very happy with television. I always get good work on TV. So I`ve never thought about doing films.

"After doing good television if you don`t get a good role in films, then you feel it is not worth it. If something different comes my way then it would be fun doing," she added.