I wanted a tall husband: Ratan Rajput

Mumbai: TV actress Ratan Rajput chose software engineer Abhinav Sharma as her life partner because he not only fulfilled all her criteria -- and he is very tall.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: Getting married on television? Isn`t it weird?

A: Aren`t the lives of all celebrities abnormal? We make news for sensationalism. If my relative dies in the village, no one writes about it. But if I decide to marry on camera, it makes news... Even if I decided to get married off camera, people would still be skeptical. At least now I can claim that the whole process of choosing a life partner happened in full public view.

Q: Do you think such a swayamvar marriage can work in this day and age?

A: See, whether it is love marriage or an arranged marriage, whether it works or not depends on the two individuals. I agree a wedding decided on television would be a tough task for an ordinary girl. But for a celebrity the extraordinary is normal.

Q: Will you be able to see this unconventional marriage through?

A: Of course! I am determined to see it through. I realize the same swayamvar earlier ended on an unfortunate note. I am quite certain I will see it through.

Q: You are referring to Rakhi Sawant`s fiasco marriage?

A: Yes, I don`t want to defend Rakhi. But I do think it was better she realised she was making a mistake and called off the marriage. No point in making the wrong move. That`s why I`ve got engaged and will now take time to understand my fiance. I want to sort out all the differences between me and Abhinav before we marry.

Q: Why did you select Abhinav?

A: He fitted my picture of the proper mate. I wanted a groom who was sensible, intelligent and job-holder. He supported me throughout the show. I also like his family. Also, I wanted a tall husband because I am not that tall. I`m proud to say my fiance is over six feet tall.

Q: When are you getting married?

A: Let me enjoy this period before the wedding. It isn`t as if we`ll start living together. I`m not that liberal. But yes we`ll visit each other`s homes. Truly, life on camera is over for me and Abhinav. Now begins our real life together without a screenplay, choreographer or director. We are from two different cities. I want to spend some time with him. I am a public figure. I want him to get used to my lifestyle.

Q: What did your parents from Patna have to say about their daughter`s strange selection of a partner?

A: They`re a very simple down-to-earth folks. They`ve never been on camera. They`re happy for me. My parents met Abhinav. My journey from Patna to the soap "Agle Janam Moke Bitiya Hi Kijo" is like a dream. It`s been a beautiful journey. Three of us friends had come from Patna to Mumbai to realize our dreams. Now we live separately, but very close by.

Q: There was a startling makeover from the soap to "Swayamvar"?

A: (Laughs) I wore whatever my designer told me. It isn`t as if I didn`t wear shorts before. I did. But I`m conservative in dress and conduct.

Q: Any plans of acting in films?

A: I can only dream. Producers have to plan. So far I only wanted to make my parents happy by getting married and settling down. I`m half-way there. I`ll continue acting after marriage if I can.

Q: The whole thing is a bit unreal, no?

A: I love it. It`s a beautiful feeling. Even on the show Abhinav and I were being ourselves. Now only the cameras are gone.