I won`t let son watch `The Royals`: Elizabeth Hurley

PTI| Last Updated: Aug 22, 2014, 12:50 PM IST

London: Actress Elizabeth Hurley says she will not let her son watch her new TV show `The Royals` as it is too racy for him.

Hurley, 49, plays Queen Helena in the show and although 12-year-old Damian has visited the the set of the drama, she admits it is too `sexy` for him to tune in, reportedly.

"This is an extreme, sexy adventure into royalty. It`s quite out there. For me this is like sex, drugs and rock `n roll at Windsor Castle. I don`t want (Damian) to read the scripts and I certainly don`t want him to watch it!," she said.

Hurley plays the queen in the show, she insists she is very different to the real Queen. "There`s little resemblance to Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of England. But you never know. The beauty of this show is that we go behind closed doors."