Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone broke ice over tall talk!

If there`s something unusual about their pairing then it`s their height. The tall talk actually led to breaking the ice between `Break Ke Baad` co-stars Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone before shooting for the film began.

Producer Kunal Kohli had thrown a party for the entire movie crew before shooting started so the team could get to know each other. Someone at the party clicked a picture of the leading actors together.

Suddenly after looking at the picture, everyone realised that Imran at 5`10" is actually taller than Deepika who is 5`9". The pair`s height became such a hot topic at the party that they were actually measured with a measuring tape.

"Imran and I knew each other before, but just socially... (but) that incident really helped us break the ice," Deepika said in a statement.

Directed by Danish Aslam, "Break Ke Baad" is a film about space needed in relationships.