‘Indian Idol’ Abhijeet Sawant beaten up, Prajakta arrested

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Wannabe singing sensations Prajakta Shukre and Abhijeet Sawant, their biggest claim to fame was as participants of ‘Indian Idol’ Season I, with the latter winning the crown, are now making news for all the wrong reasons.

In what seems like a case of a night out with friends going horribly wrong, Shukre and Abhijeet along with other friends were said to be returning together – in different vehicles – after partying at a Juhu restaurant on Tuesday night.

As per reports, on seeing an empty road in Daulat Nagar area of Sanatcruz, a western suburb of Mumbai, they decided to race their cars. Shukre, driving a Honda City, smashed into two teenagers on a motorcycle, grievously injuring them.

The report further says that Abhijeet, who was driving an Audi, got down from his car and defending his friend got into a tiff with the crowd, following which the crowd gave Abhijeet and his other friends a sound thrashing.

Prajakta on the other hand was arrested on charges of rash and negligent driving. As of now Prajakta has been granted bail and released on a bond of Rs 3000.

The police is said to be investigating whether they group comprising Prajakta and Abhijeet was in an inebriated condition.

More details are awaited

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