Is Veena Malik lying on 'Bigg Boss 4'?

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: After all those hugs and kisses she shared with Ashmit Patel, Pakistani starlet Veena Malik has all of a sudden turned a new leaf in ‘Bigg Boss’.

In a shocking revelation, Veena confessed that it was Hrishant Goswami who she was really in love with, while Ashmit Patel was taking undue advantage of her.

Accusing Veena of deception, Ashmit’s publicist said, “How can Veena say that about Ashmit, especially after the nation has watched her doing all those things to him on camera. It seems, Veena has been enticing Ashmit for fun and playing with his emotions as if he were a toy boy. If that’s the case, she’s double-faced and it’s not fair.”

Apparently, Veena was repeatedly caught on camera chasing Ashmit in the ‘Bigg Boss’ home, giving him a head massage, sensually dancing for him in the kitchen, fondling and cuddling him under the quilt and nudging him with her butt. Now, all of a sudden, Veena has joined forces with Dolly Bindra and is ‘blaming’ Ashmit for all the advances.

While Veena is openly accusing Ashmit, the latter has been managing the situation with admirable dignity. In Veena’s presence, Ashmit asked Sara Khan on the show, “Main kya koi Teddy Bear hoon, ke jo bhi aaye, squeeze karke chale jaaye? Mere koi emotions, jazbaat, feelings nahin? Main bhi ek insaan hoon.”

It seems Veena Malik is up to something.

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