Jean Claude Van Damme to swap movies for reality TV

Melbourne: Belgian actor Jean Claude Van Damme has revealed that he is set to leave the big screen for an appearance on the reality TV ring.

Van Damme, 50, who has been acting for 30-years or so in action films, has signed a contract to face former Olympian Somluck Kamsing in Las Vegas in August 2011.

“I lost some of my excitement in the film business after 35 movies it was the same story, I go in, become the hero, I kick butt,” quoted him as saying.

“I’ve been around the world I’m not joking at least about 10 or 15 times... I’m tired of the same choo-choo train,” he said.

The actor says that the move is also an effort to mentally repair himself and regain the respect of his fans.

“Some people said ‘c’mon it’s over’, but I feel guilty about it and I made some mistakes in Hollywood and now I want to make good in Vegas,” he said.

“I want to be loved again because that’s the truth, even if the movie stars aren’t saying it, we love to be loved,” he added.