JLo will be tough on `American Idol`

London: Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez, who has joined `American Idol` as a judge alongwith Aerosmith frontman Steve Taylor, says she will be tough with contestants on the popular show.

Lopez and Taylor were roped in after Simon Cowell`s exit from the show and the `Wedding Planner` star is all set to emulate Cowell when it comes to handling the hopefuls, Contactmusic reported.

Describing her judging style as "tough, easy and fair," Lopez said, "I really want to put them through the wringer in the sense that I don`t want to let anybody really great go because they`re nervous or whatever and not get to see what they could`ve been.

The 41-year-old star, who is being paid a huge amount to judge the show, said: "We working with them a little more than maybe you`ve seen in the past. We give them more of a chance."

The new season of the show started filming auditions at the end of September in Los Angeles, and has recently moved to New Jersey where Lopez warned prospective contestants she is looking for more than just vocal talent when she judges them.

Their look and style are also very important to her - although she won`t give out any specific tips as to what she`s looking for.

"It`s definitely part of a package when you`re going to be an artist, but I can`t tell you what that would be because it`s a very personal, individual thing."

Tyler, meanwhile, said that he is trying to judge the contestants "fairly", but has advised anyone whose audition isn`t successful not to direct their frustration at the judging panel, which also includes Randy Jackson.

"Don`t get mad at what we say. Get better!," said the rocker.