John Rhys-Davies joins `Once Upon a Time`

Los Angeles: `Lord of the Rings` star John Rhys-Davies has been cast in ABC`s fairy tale series `Once Upon a Time`.

Rhys-Davies will play a Frozen role as Pabbie, the Troll King of the Valley of the Living Rock, reportedly.

The 70-year-old actor will lend his voice in the CGI version of Pabbie, who is described as "gentle, wise and the source of unexpected insight."

Rhys-Davies is so far only appearing in one episode but could be featured in more episodes. The actor is best known for playing dwarf Gimli in Peter Jackson`s `Lord of the Rings` franchise.

The Frozen story in Once Upon a Time already stars Elizabeth Lail as Anna and Georgina Haig as Elisa, the two sisters in the Disney movie.

Other characters from the Disney film will also be featured on `Once Upon a Time` such as Prince Hans and Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster).