Kevin Spacey imitates Bill Clinton in `House of Cards` parody

PTI| Updated: Aug 18, 2014, 08:55 AM IST

Los Angeles: Hollywood star Kevin Spacey has imitated former US president Bill Clinton`s voice in a parody video of his TV show `House of Cards`.

Spacey slipped into his character of Frank Underwood from the series and prank called Hillary Clinton as the show teamed up with the Clinton Foundation for a parody video to urge people to wish the former president a happy birthday, reportedly.

Underwood is seen trying to find out what she will give to her husband as a present on his upcoming 68th birthday on August 19.

He suggests an elephant, but Hillary says, "This is a very personal decision I will make when I`m ready."

Spacey then suggests names for Chelsea Clinton`s baby, proposing Frank for a boy and Claire, which is the name of the character played by Robin Wright on the show, for a girl.

Hillary knows that it`s the actor who has called her, so she says, "Well, I was actually thinking of pushing for the name Kevin if it`s a boy," and asks the actor to sign Bill`s birthday card instead.

The video ends with Bill and Spacey exchanging text messages as he is eager to find out what his wife will get him on his birthday.