Khan Sisters oppose caged animals in zoos

New Delhi: Celebrity siblings Nigaar and Gauahar Khan have teamed up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India for an ad campaign against caged animals in zoos.

The sisters, who are currently seen on the TV show ‘The Khan Sisters’, appear wearing zebra-striped bodysuits while caged in a zebra-striped box in the campaign, which reads "Think Outside the Box: Boycott Cages, Boycott Zoos".

"You don`t learn anything from looking at a sad animal locked up in a zoo. If you want to learn about animals, view them in their natural habitats - visit a nature preserve, or watch a video or read a magazine about them. Don`t support the keeping of animals in unnatural confinement," said Gauhar.

Her elder sister Nigaar too feels animals shouldn`t be caged.
"Like people, animals need freedom. Instead of spending money on breeding animals or capturing them in the wild, we should be spending money on protecting the animals` natural habitats or on creating reserves and national parks where they can live in peace," said Nigaar.

The ad for the animal rights organisation will be featured in an upcoming episode of ‘The Khan Sisters’.