Kim Kardashian most successful reality star

Updated: Aug 08, 2010, 16:24 PM IST

London: Socialite Kim Kardashian has emerged as the world`s most successful reality TV star, with an income of USD 5.45 million in the past year.

Although the 29-year-old star makes a mere USD 400,000 from her TV show `Keeping Up With The Kardashians`, she makes more money from commercials, personal appearances and ads on her website, reported a news website.

"She`s not an actor and she is not a singer. But when you get the attention she does, you are worthy of being called a brand in your own right," said Ryan Schinman of Platinum Rye Entertainment, the US talent agency which revealed Kardashian`s assets.

Kardashian, who was dating NFL footballer Reggie Bush until recently, was once paid USD 25,000 by Armani for writing a four-line Tweet that attracted 40,000 people to their fashion website in just 24 hours.