Kim Kardashian wants to take backseat in reality shows

London: Kim Kardashian is secretly embarrassed about how much her family share on TV and is said to be planning to take a back seat from their reality shows.

The 31-year-old is having second thoughts about how much of her life is laid bare on `Keeping Up With the Kardashians` since her relationship with rapper Kanye West is getting serious, reported Heat magazine.

"Kim has secretly been getting embarrassed about how much her family share and there`s no way Kanye would allow the intimate moments of their relationship to be filmed. He is happy to be in the background, but he thinks some things should be kept private," a source said.

Kim married basketball player Kris Humphries in a lavish televised ceremony last year, only for the union to fail after just 72 days.

She is now said to agree with West`s vision to market them as a couple rather than be so heavily involved with working alongside her mother and siblings.

"Kanye is thinking of their brand as a duo now, rather than her family`s. He thinks some of what she`s put her name to is tacky and has already advised her to say no to certain things," the source added.