Kourtney Kardashian makes jealous outburst over Kim spending time with Scott Disick

London: Kourtney Kardashian apparently doesn`t like the fact that her sister Kim spends way too much time with her beau Scott Disick.

In a new clip, from the upcoming episode of `Keeping Up With The Kardashians ,` the mum-of-two can be seen having a meltdown at her sister after she gets jealous of Kim hanging out with Disick, the Mirror reported.

The clip shows that after Disick takes Kim, who was preggers when the video was shot, to lunch to give her some advice, while telling her that she is pregnant and it is her time to live it up, Kourtney gets upset with him.

Disick worsens the situation by going to the reality star`s house to help her pack for her move.

When Kim`s mum Kris Jenner attempts to dismiss the situation by defending Kim and pointing out it`s hard to be a young mum, Kourtney tells her, "You had 100 nannies".

The video then shows Kourtney storming out of Kim`s house, seeming to swear at Kim as she goes.


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