Kylie Minogue set for ‘Neighbours’ cameo

Updated: Jul 29, 2010, 13:59 PM IST

Melbourne: Australian singer-actress Kylie Minogue may return to the soap ‘Neighbours’ for a cameo to mark its 25th anniversary.

Insiders revealed that Minogue is negotiating with the producers of Australia’s longest running drama ‘Neighbours’, to play a cameo role in its 6000th episode that will also mark its completion of 25 years.

It was rumoured in January 2010 that the 42-year-old singer might return to the Aussie TV soap after the production of an anniversary special, but Minogue lated denied it saying that her interest in making a comeback was a joke, reports a news daily.

‘Neighbours’ is a favourite in the UK where it airs on Channel Five.