LiLo makes fun of her run-ins with law on ‘Saturday Night Live’

New York: Lindsay Lohan poked fun at herself and the recent mishaps in her life on the weekend’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ show. In her opening monologue, the 25-year-old actress gets frisked by one cast member, had her pupils checked for signs of drug use by another, and sets off an alarm when she tried to step off stage, a leading daily has reported.

“I thought you guys trusted me,” Lohan said in mock-horror while wearing a tight blue dress.

“I get the feeling everyone thinks I’m going to screw up,” she said.

Lohan’s performance seemed uneven at times, but she got the most chuckles during a ‘Real Housewives of Disney’ skit in which she played a sassy, violent Rapunzel. She also played herself in a ‘Scared Straight’ skit, donning a jail jumpsuit and warning kids to stay out of trouble.

“First you’re hanging out with mean girls and then you’re stealing a necklace,” she said.

According to a website, the troubled star wanted to make light of her recent run-ins with the law including her arrests, endless court dates, necklace-stealing saga, jail, morgue duty.

Sources said that Lohan wanted to show the world that she doesn’t take herself as seriously as people think, and actually has a sense of humour about the legal troubles that have plagued her the last few years.


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