Look at the positives of `Crime Patrol`: Anup Soni

New Delhi: ‘Crime Patrol Dastak’ portrays real life crimes stories and many rue that it inspires people to commit crimes, but the show`s anchor Anup Soni says one should look at the positive side of it.

"There are people who might get inspired with what we show, but that number is very less. If there are 99 percent people who are becoming aware after watching the show and one percent get inspire to do wrong things, than it should be ignored," he told reporters.

"Crime Patrol Dastak", which has completed 100 episodes, picks up crime cases and brings them to the viewers by reconstructing it with actors.

Anup says he is involved in the research work.

"I am indirectly involved in the research process of the show but whatever feedback I get from people, I convey it to the production team," he said.

Known for working in fiction shows like ‘Balika Vadhu’, Anup plays narrator in each episode.

‘Crime Patrol Dastak’ is the fourth season of ‘Crime Patrol’, which first went on air in May 2003. It was then hosted by actor Diwakar Pundir, who was later replaced by Shakti Anand.

The second season went on air in January 2010, and was co-presented by Anup and actress Saakshi Tanwar.