Maina is an extension of me: Kavita Kaushik

New Delhi: Actress Kavita Kaushik is set to play the role of an effervescent character named Maina in a new comedy show ‘Tota Weds Maina’. She says she can relate to the character`s adventurous and fun-loving streak.

"Maina`s character is wild and I believe it`s just an extension of me. Maina is forever happy, confident, outgoing and so much fun. I am having a blast shooting for it because it is a very earthy realistic character who is extremely funny at the same time," Kavita said in a statement.

The actress is known for her role as Chandramukhi Chautala of ‘F.I.R.’. She will keep up the humourous streak in the new show too, but says it will have a twist.

"It is not the witty lines that make me comical, it is my character in itself that is very funny. I had to work on my accent and learn the local dialect and had to be trained in the ways of life there to make my character authentic."

"The show is based on the lives of people in Uttar Pradesh and that is a completely different life from what we live here in Mumbai," she added.