Man jumping from top of Mount Everest to go live next month

ANI| Last Updated: Apr 12, 2014, 15:55 PM IST

Washington: Discovery channel will air a guy jump from the top of Mount Everest live next month.

Joby Ogwyn`s wing-suit leap from the world`s highest peak will broadcast five nights of live programs from his base camp in the lead-up to the stunt,reportedly.

Hosted by Kyle Martino and Chris Jacobs, Everest: Live From Base Camp will offer behind-the-scenes looks at what Discovery calls "the most challenging and complicated live broadcast ever attempted."

Starting on May 5 - weather permitting, Discovery said that - Live From Base Camp will look in on Ogwyn as he prepares for his leap, give updates on atmospheric conditions and offer interviews with medics, Sherpas and other climbers.

Ex-soccer pro Martino and TV hosting veteran Jacobs will begin their ascent of the mountain next week.