Manan and Suniketa – The Best Buds on DID 4!

Mumbai: From pulling each other’s hair to laughing out loud together, the two DID 4 contestants have turned best of friends while competing with each other…

Competing to win the trophy as the best dancer of Dance India Dance Season 4, 17 year old Delhi boy Manan and Kolkata tigress Suniketa Bhore seem to have bonded despite all the competition that prevails. Being the youngest contestants in the Top 18, the two are forever seen fighting and pulling each other’s hair each time they are on the sets of DID. Whenever the two get down to rehearsing together, they end up teasing each other endlessly, invariably ending up in a wrestling bout. Fed up with their ways, Master Shruti was seen complaining about how the two never miss out on single chance to pull each other down and get into a fight over trivial issues every 15 minutes and how Suniketa bursts out into tears every 3 hours because of Manan’s leg-pulling. Despite all the bickering, the two are inseparable and cannot do without each other!

Hearing Master Shruti complain about the kids, Grandmaster Mithun Da called the two kids on the stage. Asking Suniketa what irks her most about Manan. Suniketa told Dada how Manan pulls her hair all the time. Giving Suniketa a chance to vent her anger out, Grandmaster Mithun Da asked Suniketa to hit him as much as she wants today and close the matter once and for all. After a nice battle on stage, Suniketa and Manan said sorry to each other and promised to never fight again. Just as Dada heaved a sigh of relief, the two were back with their antics!

While the competition is getting tougher by the day, these kids have learnt to forget their rivalry and just have a blast! They may give each other a run for their money while they perform on stage, but backstage, they’re the best of friends and immensely fond of each other … ! Salaamat rahe dostaana inka!

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