Mark Wahlberg set to adapt TV series `Entourage` into film

London: Actor Mark Wahlberg is all set to adapt the TV series "Entourage" into a film and says it will be "90 minutes of craziness".

"That`s definitely something that we`re actively trying to put together. We`re just waiting for series creator Doug Ellin to write the script," quoted Wahlberg as saying.

Wahlberg feels "Entourage" will work better on the big screen as the TV episodes were too short.

"People were complaining that episodes were too short. I think a 90-minute movie of sheer craziness - the guys getting back to just being about the guys, you know? Lose the ladies. Go crazy. Give people what they want," he said.

The TV series `Entourage` concluded last year after eight seasons.