Mark Zuckerberg to appear on SNL?

New York: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is being lured to make a cameo on ‘Saturday Night Live’ alongside Jesse Eisenberg.
Eisenberg played him in the Oscar-nominated flick ‘The Social Network’.

While Eisenberg has signed up as guest host, sources said Zuckerberg - who previously complained he was misportrayed - has indicated he’s interested in an "SNL" appearance "to show he has a sense of humour."

Others say it would be a coup for ‘Social Network’ producer Scott Rudin, who’s "hellbent on getting the Best Picture Oscar. He’s doing everything to campaign. Getting Eisenberg to host ‘SNL’ in itself is a coup, but to get Zuckerberg up there next to him is an even bigger achievement."

"They add and throw things out right up to the broadcast, so nothing is guaranteed," the New York Post quoted a source as saying.