McKenney slams Bingle as she is eliminated from ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Sydney: Australian model Lara Bingle was at the receiving end of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ judge Todd McKenney’s anger as she was eliminated from the show.

Bingle, 24, was called “Cousin Itt”, “dull”, and accused of lacking the “x factor” by McKenney, 46, who appeared to be angry with her for criticising the judges for their comments about her partner, Carmelo Pizzino, dancing topless.

“I found the judges, their comments were nothing about our routine and how we danced it or anything like that. At the end of the day, it’s a dancing contest,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Bingle as saying about them.

McKenney had his revenge after Bingle and Pizzino performed a waltz this week.

“Lara you want us to talk about your dancing. Even though you have a natural ability, ultimately you’re dull. That’s the truth,” he said.

“You can dance but you don’t have the x factor, you don’t have that thing that makes you shine and makes us look at you. There you go,” he stated.

After Bingle’s second routine, an instant dance in which the competitors’ music was only revealed at the last minute, McKenney lashed out again.

He said last week’s comments about Pizzino were constructive because the dancer’s bare chest was a “distraction to the partnership”.

“And I’ve got some more constructive criticism for you too. You are a natural, talented dancer but I think one of the reasons you don’t have the x factor is I can never see your face,” he said.

“Every week you come out and you’re like Cousin Itt on the dance floor,” he added.


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