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Melanie Brown takes a dig at Posh`s dance skills on `America`s Got Talent`

Updated: Jul 27, 2013, 17:14 PM IST

London: Melanie Brown apparently still holds a grudge toward her former `Spice Girls` band mate Victoria Beckham.

During the filming of `America`s Got Talent`, the singer commented on a children`s dance troupe, `Fresh Faces`, and said that they were like the 2013 mini dancing Spice Girls version, the Mirror reported.

However, Brown`s fellow talent show judge, Howard Stern, let slip that she had told him, before the shooting of the show started, that Victoria couldn`t dance to save her life.

When her comments were exposed, a panicky Brown started waving her arms in the air in an attempt to slap the mischievous panelist.