Mick Jagger to host Saturday Night Live

Washington: Mick Jagger is set to host ‘Saturday Night Live’, after being a musical guest on the show twice before.

The show’s creator said Monday that the timing “felt right” to invite the Rolling Stones frontman to host.

“I know him pretty well, and I think he’ll be charming and funny, and I think people will see a side of him that they’re not used to seeing,” Fox News quoted the show’s executive producer Lorne Michaels as telling the New York Post.

Jagger, 68, will be hosting the upcoming episode on Saturday, the season 37 finale.

“He’s a very, very smart guy, and he’s very, very smart about how to put on a show,” Michaels said.

He added that he did not pursue the singer to host until recently.

“It felt right now,” on the band’s 50th anniversary, he said.

The two men met in 1978 when the band first appeared on the program but kept up a relationship outside their main show-business interests.

They produced a movie together, ‘Enigma,’ starring a young Kate Winslet, in 2001, about the British breaking the Nazi’s wartime military code.

According to reports, Jagger will sing with musical guests Arcade Fire and the Foo Fighters to mark the anniversary.


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