Naomi Campbell breaks down on TV show

PTI| Updated: Oct 26, 2013, 10:59 AM IST

London: Supermodel Naomi Campbell broke down in tears while opening up about her anger management issues during an appearance on a TV chat show.

The 43-year-old catwalk queen got emotional while filming her appearance on `The Jonathan Ross Show`, when she talked about how anger management classes saved her life, reported Daily Mirror.

Campbell, who has previously been arrested for throwing mobile phones at her staff, said, "I made anger management serious. Anger is an emotion. There were things I had to deal with. You have to deal with it.

"I`m crying, you made me cry."

Campbell also opened up about her previous drug use, which included being addicted to cocaine for five years, saying she realised she had to quit because it was ruining her life.

"I don`t want to go back. No matter what it is that you`re addicted to - you can be addicted to work - all it is, is an escapism. It`s escaping something, no matter what. For me, I came to my realisation at 29 that I didn`t like myself the way I was, and that was it," Campbell said.

"Every day is a new day - I`m no perfect human being. I`m just living and I`m just breathing," she added.