Natalie branded ‘demanding diva’

Melbourne: Australian singer/actress Natalie Imbruglia is being called an extremely difficult woman to deal with.

She has earned herself a reputation of playing the demanding diva behind the scenes on Australian version of the reality show ‘X Factor.’

“She’s very difficult to deal with,” The Daily Telegraph quoted a source of ‘X Factor’ as saying.

“She won’t do this, she won`t do that - it`s all very hard,” the source added.

A senior production member said that the 35-year-old artist was at her worst in the hair and make-up department, claiming she has body issues.

“She takes four hours for hair and make-up and is very demanding about how she looks - the department probably cops it the worst from her. She can certainly turn and be the diva when she wants. There are just so many egos flying around this show,” the source said.

“It’s like they cast the biggest egos in Australia,” he added.

“You have to realize she’s come here from London where she’s A-list and can get whatever she wants. Here, it’s on a budget where they have skeleton staff and one person doing the job of three people, so it’s understandable she gets frustrated,” a source defended Imbruglia as saying.


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