Nicolas Cage auditioned for dating show

New York: Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage says he was so obsessed with the popular show `The Dating Game` in his teen years that he applied to be a contestant.

The 50-year-old `Joe` star managed to get accepted on the show despite being just 15, but his father refused to let him take part, reported New York Post.

"In My first audition I was underage. Only 15. Even that young I tried to be accepted on `The Dating Game`. I used to love seeing that, and always somehow managed to, although my father said I couldn`t watch it. Anyhow, he wouldn`t let me do the show," Cage said.

The actor, who has sons Weston, 23, with ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton and Kal-El, eight, with third wife Alice Kim, said he has a very normal home life with his kids.

"I am a regular at- home dad to him -- not some movie star. I play with him, go out with him, do all those parent-child things like any other father," he said.