No more raunchy performances on TV shows

London: It has emerged that a set of new TV guidelines would be passed to prohibit raunchy performances on shows such as ‘The X Factor’.

UK broadcasting watchdog Ofcom would issue the new rules to tighten up the TV watershed just in time for the autumn series of the talent show.

The move came after a government report on the sexualisation of children and protests by parents groups.

“The guidelines will be there to make sure that broadcasters like ITV don’t hover near the boundaries of harmful content to children. This is what happened with Rihanna’s performance on the show last year, where the broadcasting code was almost breached,” The Telegraph quoted an Ofcom spokesman as saying.

TV bosses would meet Ofcom officials in the next few weeks to discuss the new guidelines.

“It’s not widely known that in the case of music videos it is the broadcaster who edits the videos for transmission. They can take out any unsuitable footage they like,” Ofcom said.

The Bailey Report into the ‘commercialization and sexualisation of young people by the media’ had called for broadcasters to introduce cinema-style classifications and tighten up the watershed.


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