No televised wedding for Kelly Osbourne

Los Angeles: Actress Kelly Osbourne has ruled out chances of broadcasting her wedding on a reality show.

Kelly has been part of family reality show `The Osbournes`, but her wedding to fiance Matthew Mosshart won`t be shown on television as she has no intentions to gain profits from it, reports

"I realised very quickly that in Hollywood people don`t realise that you get married for love," Kelly said on a talk show.

"They think you get married for attention, and I don`t want to do a reality show, I`ve already done that. Every morning we wake up to another email, it`s like, `an offer you cannot refuse`. I can refuse that, I don`t want to be on another reality show. I`m fine right now, thank you," she added.

According to Kelly, she was engaged to Matthew in December, but purposely kept it a secret for the next six months.