Now real police action on TV

New Delhi: For the first time on Indian television, audience will witness real police action in a new reality show `Police Dial 100`.

The show will cover every movement- from the very first call on emergency helpline number 100 to nabbing the perpetrator of the crime.

"This is first of a kind show. When I was first approached with the idea, my first reaction was it`s not possible, but now I am really proud that we are changing the regular trend. Our crew will go with the police on raids, accident relief, rescues and everything will be captured live," said Ajit Thakur.

`Police Dial 100` will begin with showing the Delhi police in action, and will air 26 episodes which will also involve police from other states.

"We are working closely with the Delhi Police for this show and I am grateful for what they have done. We are not trying to change the outlook of people towards police, it is just a way to show that the real police is different from what they see in films, or any crime show. We are starting with Delhi, Mumbai but we are trying to reach the other states city too," Thakur said.

Delhi Commissioner of Police, Neeraj Kumar was present at the launch of `Police Dial 100` in the capital last night and he said not a single episode is scripted and people will see real action as it unfolds.

"The way real police work on cases is entirely different from what is shown in movies or crime based show. I was initially sceptical about the show because if the camera follows the police force during an investigation, there was a chance that people could have got hurt. But then we gave our full support to the crew," Neeraj Kumar said.

`Police Dial 100` will be aired from June 22 every weekend.


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