Omelettes and stunts for Bhopal`s wonder boys

Bhopal: Shooting blindfolded while on skates, flipping omelettes over a hundred times in a minute and doing stunts on the cycle, three daring teenagers of Bhopal have made the city proud through a popular TV show.The trio - Mohammad Bilal, 13, Mohammad Shahbaaz Khan, 14, and Abdul Rahman, 18 - performed daring acts that defied their young age in the hit show ‘Ab India Todega’ programme to make their way into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Bilal made his mark in shooting with a breathtaking performance, hitting the target while skating blindfolded and crossing a gate of fire.

Shahbaaz flipped omelettes 103 times in a minute, almost double the previous record of 60 held by Allen of Britain.

Rahman braked his cycle on the front wheel for a distance of 17.5 metres, his feet resting on the cycle`s handlebar all the time.

The show was shot in Mumbai during the last week of February and aired April 8.

The only thing Shahbaaz Khan knew at the age of 10 was to flip omelettes while helping his father at his roadside cart at Bhopal`s Rang Mahal Square.

The teenager loves speed and wants to ride a Bugatti, one of the fastest cars in the world.

"I have a fascination for doing things fast. I like car races and I want to become an automobile engineer in future," Shahbaaz Khan told reporters.

"I was very nervous before the final countdown for the show. I had to flip a 21 cm omelette on a pan weighing 700 gm. My arm pained for 17 days, but so what? Can anything be more important than my victory?" the boy asked, smiling.

Bilal, as a little boy, had started skating and shooting under strict guidance. Today his childhood fascination has made him a Guinness World Record star.

"I have never been afraid of anything. My coach Sajid Khan helped me a lot in strengthening my confidence," he told reporters.

Last year Bilal had also participated in two other adventure shows – ‘Shabaash India’ and ‘Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega’.

This teenager`s aim is clear - an Olympics gold medal to make the country proud.

Rahman, who created a record of 17.5 metres of braking cycle with the feet on the handlebar, had left his school and devoted four hours every day to fine tune his skill.

"I learnt stunts from my own instincts. I wanted to break the Australian record of five metres and this thought gave me the buzz to create an unmatchable record," the young rider said.


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