P Diddy begs for Cowell’s ‘Idol’ role

London: Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has been begging American television bosses for Simon Cowell’s ‘American Idol’ job.

The 90’s hip-hop star has been putting himself forward for consideration - after glimpsing Cowell`s pay check.

"I have been fronting all this time, trying to act like I don’t want that spot. (But) I spoke to Simon’s business manager, and I found out how much that boy makes a week. I am praying right now to American Idol,” the Daily Star quoted him as telling MTV.com

"I want everybody to get on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and say that Diddy should get the Simon spot - but for the same amount of money that Simon was getting, else it’s a deal-breaker he added.

"I’m tired of being cool: That number that Simon was getting a week is ridiculous. I can’t even be cool with that. Please, can I have the job, whoever’s in charge of giving that job? There’s no negotiating the contract. Just change the name on the check, and I’ll be there," he added.



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