Pakistan’s Meera to choose husband on reality TV

Islamabad: Following in the footsteps of Indian actress Rakhi Sawant and late BJP politician Pramod Mahajan`s son Rahul, Pakistani actress Meera has decided to choose a spouse on a reality TV show.

The show `Kaun Banega Meera Pati` kicked off last week with 13 shortlisted contestants being interviewed by the actress.

Meera, who claims to be 25 and once asked TV host and comedian Omar Sharif to check in the "library" if he didn`t believe her, is enjoying being the centre of attention from men folk who are meeting her with a solitary red rose or a Taj Mahal memento to win her heart.

"I have thousands of proposals, I don`t know way (why) some people get so jealous," Meera tweeted two days ago.

In the first episode of the show, Meera had to hand out a tissue to an emotional long-haired suitor. "Will you cut your hair if I ask you?" Meera asked him. The suitor offered to slit his "neck" and not just his hair if she desired and started crying.

Meera is trying to act like legendary Indian actress Meena Kumari. "Do you think I look nice?" another young suitor with spiked hair asked her.

"Yes, you do!" Meera replied after a long pause and with great deliberation, much like Meena Kumari. The nervous suitor, waiting for a pat reply, was already in tears by then!

Another Meera-fan showed up with a replica Taj Mahal, telling her she was more beautiful than the monument of love.

Others have sought to win her heart by making a grand entrance by singing a song to describe her beauty and yet others have offered to give up smoking because she doesn`t like

Meera has quite a few people following her on twitter but mostly in fun. "I arrive in Mumbai airport at 12.30 pm," she tweeted last month. Soon enough people were checking if "enough fans" had reached Mumbai airport to receive her.

The actress has been actively tweeting on everything ranging from the controversy about her "age" to her "godfather Mahesh Bhatt" to "I`m happy American killed Osama bin Laden."


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