Palin hunts caribou on reality show

London: Sarah Palin has been filmed shooting a caribou for the latest episode of her reality television show.

The former Alaska Governor initially missed her target five times but it later emerged the sights on her gun were off, and she hit the animal first time when she tried a different rifle.

Palin was filmed roaming the tundra wearing camouflage gear and talking about measures for sustainable hunting on a trip to a remote northern part of the state with her father Chuck Heath.

In anticipation of a backlash from animal rights activists she took aim at her critics on social networking websites.

"Unless you`ve never worn leather shoes, sat upon a leather couch or eaten a piece of meat, save your condemnation of tonight`s episode," the Telegraph quoted her as writing.

"I remain proudly intolerant of anti-hunting hypocrisy," she wrote.

The episode of "Sarah Palin`s Alaska" showed the potential 2012 presidential candidate looking in her freezer in Wasilla, Alaska and explaining to viewers: "We`re down to just five moose packages, three caribou packages. It`s time to get out there and go caribou hunting.

"In many remotes areas of Alaska there`s no grocery store nearby. It`s four or five hundred miles away.

"I feel a lot better now. When you`re shooting everything seems to be happening very quickly. Then when you see you have a successful hit it`s a great feeling of accomplishment." Palin said after shooting her caribou.

Heath was proud of her achievement, shouting: "There you go baby, there you go. That`s my girl, that`s the way I raised her, and I`m proud I raised her that way," he added.

Palin and her father were shown skinning and preparing the animal back home in Wasilla. But her youngest daughter Piper, nine, was less impressed, saying, "That`s a tiny caribou."


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