Parents` smile biggest gift for Dipika Samson

Mumbai: Name and fame aside, her parents` smile when they saw her on screen has been the biggest gift for TV actress Dipika Samson.

The 25-year-old, who made her debut with "Devi", is currently seen playing the role of Simar on "Sasural Simar Ka".

"This field takes a lot of hard work but gives you a lot as well. It gives you fame and love from people. I cannot forget the smile on my mother and dad`s face when they saw me on screen for the first time. That smile which you see on your parents` face is the biggest gift you can get," Dipika said.

Coming from an army background, the actress from Pune always harboured a dream of becoming an air hostess. This brought her to Mumbai. But destiny had different plans for her.

"It was my childhood dream to be an air hostess and by god`s grace, I got through Jet Airways and I came to Mumbai with them. Due to medical reasons, I had to put in my papers. This was when my family encouraged me to try for television," she said.

Now she is happy with the change in her career.

"As far as the hours are concerned, I found this field more peaceful and relaxed. The routine is set and I know that at the end of the day, I will go home. Flying has no schedules, and it disturbs your body," she said.

Dipika is a huge fan of actress Madhuri Dixit and says she would love to do a role similar that the latter played in ‘Devdas’.

"I adore Madhuri Dixit. I would definitely like to do something like what she did in `Devdas`. But I know I need a lot of hard work to reach there," she said.

For now, she wants a "short holiday" with her mother".