Pierce Brosnan eyes a return to television

Los Angeles: Pierce Brosnan is working on a return to series television in a new project at Sony Pictures TV.

The former ‘Remington Steele’ and ‘James Bond’ star is set to appear and produce a new series about an international operative and problem solver for hire.

The main character (who is not expected to be played by Brosnan) is brought in for high-drama situations like kidnappings and business espionage.

Sony is taking the series out into the international marketplace before shopping the project domestically.

Brosnan recently appeared in the pilot for U.S. network Fox`s ‘Running Wilde,’ but has not been a series regular in a show since the 1980s hit ‘Steele.’ The show paved the way for Brosnan landing the role of Bond in four films in the franchise.

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