Plans afoot to bring back US television soap opera ‘Dallas’

London: Producers are planning to bring back US television soap opera ‘Dallas’ with Larry Hagman playing his original role as JR Ewing.

Hagman, who is now 79, had played a greedy scheming oil baron in the series, a news daily reported.

Actor Kiefer Sutherland, 43, has also been tipped to appear in the new version, which will once again revolve around the family scandals and betrayals at Southfork Ranch.

But this time it will focus on JR’s son, John Ross and Bobby and Pam Ewing’s adopted son, Christopher.

It is almost 20 years since Dallas last aired in Britain, but producers have reportedly approached Patrick Duffy, 61, and Linda Gray, 70, to revive their roles as JR’s brother, Bobby, and his longsuffering wife, Sue Ellen.

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and actor Josh Holloway could also be joining the show, and America’s TNT cable network is said to be filming a pilot for the series in the New Year.