Pooja Bedi accuses Salman of lying, demoralising

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Well we really wonder what’s bothering Pooja Bedi so much that she has been slamming Salman left right and center ever since her eviction form ‘Bigg Boss 5’.

The actress has yet again vented out her anger on Salman Khan calling him aggressive and unjust.

The lady, who happens to be a strong supporter of Akashdeep Saigal aka Sky while talking to a daily said, “It`s clear Salman went in there to demoralise, confuse, hurt and lie to Sky.”

“Salman previously had threatened Sid, and said, he would kick his arse. Hosts cannot intimidate contestants! Wrong. if contestants are bad, they get nominated and if public dislikes them, they get eliminated. That`s reality TV, not hosts threatening, if Salman can get aggressive with contestants, why is he upset they do so with each other,” she added.

Hold your temper lady! It isn’t a good idea to rub Salman the wrong way.