Pooja Misrra is addicted to getting high: Gulabo Sapera

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: This week the Bigg Boss house saw its second eviction, Rajasthani folk dancer Gulabo Sapera. Though her journey in the Bigg Boss house lasted precisely just two weeks but she has a lot to tell about inmates.

Pooja Misrra the most hated housemate of all, apparently eats incense sticks to get high. On coming out of the Bigg Boss house Gulabo exposed Pooja is an addict and would often steal her incense sticks.

As reported by a tabloid, she said, “Pooja would often ask me for incense sticks which I never refused to share until I got to know what she used it for.”

Honestly, I couldn`t believe when I saw her taking a lit incense stick to the washroom. What on earth will people do with a lit stick in the washroom? I`m sure she would either eat the remains or snort it. Uske baad toh woh badal jaati thi. Pooja is such an addict that she has even stolen those sticks from the packet I had," said Gulabo.

Apparently Pooja is a chain smoker and she would behave in a different way after smoking for hours, Gulabo said.

"While others - Shakti Kapoor and Shonali Nagrani would look calm and somewhat happy, Pooja who`d smoke for hours, would only get more hostile and destructive,” she said.

A tabloid reported that the recent brawl between Shonali and Pooja scared the inmates so much that they had no option but to hide the knives available in the house. "Pooja sabke liye khatra hai. The day that spat happened, Pooja would have killed anyone in the house. That`s the fear her reaction generated. Ghar ka mahaul bhayanak ho gaya tha," said the Rajasthani dancer.

Gulabo feels she would have played the game differently and stayed in the house longer. But as of now she is happy that her appearance on a show like ‘Bigg Boss’ would bring exposure to other woman of her clan.

“I hope I`ve made people - who are orthodox and restrict women to stick to household chores - think better. The only motive to do yoga on TV was to help women back home realize the importance of staying fit,” said Gulabo.

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