Pop star Nicole Scherzinger upset over `X-factor` rumours

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2011, 15:53 PM IST

London: Nicole Scherzinger is upset over her ex-manager who is spreading rumours that Cheryl Cole was used for publicity stunt.

The 32-year-old`s ex-manager Jeff Haddad insists that Cole, was never going to get to host Simon Cowell`s talent show `X-factor` and it was just a part of a publicity stunt when she was asked to leave the show, reported Femalefirst online.

The `Pussycat Dolls` singer has said that Haddad is wrong in making his statement and is not happy with the drama he has created.

"That`s such gossip, man. I was very hurt by that because it was my ex-manager who said that. It just unfortunately goes to show how much he doesn`t know. He wasn`t involved. It was a hard process for me and I`m sure for Cheryl," she said.