Quitting X-factor was a dumb move: Sharon Osbourne

London: TV host Sharon Osbourne says quitting `The X Factor` was a dumb decision.

Osbourne, 59, officially left the hit talent show in 2008 after a personality clash with Dannii Minogue, who had been invited on to the panel for its fourth series, The Sun online reported.

"It was a dumb move, but emotionally right. It was a huge show, it paid so well, so much came from it. But I wasn`t happy, so I walked away with dignity.

"Simon (Cowell) always ends up firing someone. I didn`t want to give him the satisfaction. He always wants someone young and perky sat next to him," she said.

Despite ITV bosses previously asking for the telly dragon to return, she has ruled out any chance of a comeback.

"Simon wouldn`t let them and I don`t give a damn because I can go anytime I want."