Rajat Tokas does a dabangg!

Updated: Jan 07, 2014, 19:02 PM IST

While his onscreen image is one of imperial royalty, Rajat Tokas aka Akbar of Zee TV’s 'Jodha Akbar', was seen in a jovial mood on the sets and posed for the shutter-bugs in a Dabangg avatar. Sporting a hep moustache and wearing dabangg glares, Rajat looked quite unlike his historical avatar of Akbar onscreen. A la Salman Bhai, Rajat was seen doing the classic belt shuffle while he was strutting around in the Dabangg look.

The no-nonsense man is known for sticking to strict shoot and exercise regimes and is rarely seen mingling with others on the sets. But looks like with passage of time, he seems to have broken ice with some of his co-stars and is having fun on the sets. Talking about his onscreen image of the Great Emperor and the contrast it bears to what he is like in real life, Rajat said, “I try and maintain a certain dignity when I am in the public glare so that my off screen persona blends in with the image of Akbar I portray on screen. I usually am seen in a calm, composed, no-nonsense demeanor because that is what comes naturally to me anyway. But, with the amount of time we spend on the sets, it would be unnatural not to get close and comfortable with some of the crew members that you begin to like over a period of time. So, yes … we are having more fun on the sets these days …it’s a natural process of getting to know each other better and becoming less inhibited and more playful as you go along!”

With the current track of the show focusing on the temptress Benazir’s (Meghana Naidu) dubious plans to entice and manipulate Akbar, and Jodha in the bargain getting insecure and jealous, Akbar is caught in a flurry of emotions. Will Akbar be able to understand Benazir’s wicked intentions in time or will Benazir get the better of him?