Rapper Snoop Dogg plans to launch talent show

Updated: May 19, 2011, 09:03 AM IST

London: Snoop Dogg is planning to launch his own television talent show.

Dogg, who turned down a role as judge of the US version of ‘The X Factor’, wants to appear in a programme that looks for potential stars from deprived areas.

"The `American Idol` and `X Factor` shows, they`re great shows. But I think I need to make a show like that, that`s directed straight to the hood. To the artists that don`t get the attention, that don`t have the money to make themselves representable. This raw talent and ability," femalefirst.co.uk quoted the 39-year-old as saying.

"I`m looking for a deal from one of you TV networks to give Snoop Dogg his own hood TV show where I can find America`s hottest hood artists. Holla at me," he added.

The hip-hop star become one of the biggest reality TV stars in the US with his show `Snoop Dogg`s Father Hood`.