Real life ‘Barfi’ visits the sets of `Cine Stars Ki Khoj`

A Hearing and Speech impaired ‘Cine Stars Ki Khoj’ aspirant touches Anurag Basu’s heart with a tribute to his film `Barfi!`

Allahabad boy Kartik Vyas may not be able to hear and speak like the rest of us but he can communicate volumes with the dexterity of his sharp mind and his natural flair for creatively expressing a wide range of emotions. Scoring way above many other Cinestars Ki Khoj aspirants last week, he had left guest judge Parineeti Chopra, resident judges Sonali Bendre and Victor speechless with his impressive mimicry of the styles of Shah Rukh Khan, Anil Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and Nana Patekar. While giving Kartik feedback after his act, both Parineeti and Sonali’s fought back tears as it was overwhelming to see the young actor’s passion to tide over his physical challenges and still perform and act.

This week, the third judge of Cinestars Ki Khoj joined the bandwagon and was left completely blown away by Kartik. Anurag Basu, completely unaware of his speech and hearing challenge, watched him present a touching sequence from his own film ‘Barfi’. It was only at the end that it hit Basu that the boy has a disability when he gave him feedback and Kartik could not react verbally. The fact that it was a real-life deaf-mute actor enacting one of Ranbir Kapoor’s strongest scenes from the film so convincingly brought tears to Anurag’s eyes.

A visibly choked Anurag said, “I salute the spirit of this young man who hasn’t let setbacks and challenges deter him. His undiluted love and passion for acting has brought him this far in the competition. This has almost been like meeting a real life Barfi. God bless you, Kartik!”

The upcoming episodes of the acting talent hunt show see the genius film-maker in a whole gamut of moods – from being deeply touched to laughing out loud to pulling contestants’ legs to joining them up on stage to participate in all the drama.

Watch the mega auditions of ‘Cera India’s Best Cine Stars ki Khoj powered by Glam Up’ and see if your favorite.

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