Reality show contestant calls Pooja Misrra a psycho bi***

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: ‘Bigg Boss 5’ contestant Pooja Misrra has been drawing reactions (read flak) more than her usual share from the viewers of India’s biggest reality show.

Many would think that Pooja Misrra's violent behaviour on ‘Bigg Boss 5’ is nothing but a publicity gimmick, but that is not the case.

There are reports that Adam Bedi has reacted heavily on Pooja’s aggresive behaviour towards his half sister Pooja Bedi.

Adam points out that him and Siddharth Khanna who appeared on the show `Big Switch last year remembers Pooja as an overly aggressive individual.

“I have zilch knowledge about Pooja Misrra's life. Since I have done a show with her, I know she is a highly insecure person. Whether she consumes something to get a high is not my concern. But whether she is mentally ill is a million dollar question. She loves looking down upon people. During ‘Big Switch’, we realized there was nothing we could do to calm her down. That`s how she is”, said Adam.

Siddhartha Khanna, who won ‘Big Switch’ (aired on UTV’s Bindaas), was punched, pulled by Pooja Misrra and even got scratch marks on his neck. "She is a psycho bitch. She should be kept in an asylum for the sake of humanity. The day she held me by my throat, I stopped speaking to her. Give her the gun and she will definitely kill you. Her split personality is beyond my understanding.”

Meanwhile, `Bigg Boss 5` got really heated up when another hot-blooded contestant Shraddha Sharma screamed at Pooja Bedi saying, “Pooja apni umar ka lihaaz karle, Tujhe koi aunty ka role bhi nahi deta”, “Pooja Bedi hai kaun?” (Pooja, you should act by your age. Nobody gives you even the role to play a middle-aged woman these days. Who is Pooja Bedi?”)

To which Adam retorted, “Irrespective of what happens in the house, no contestants should be allowed to take digs at others by talking about their personal lives. Pooja`s kids also watch the show. What impact will this have on them? Shraddha should have been within the bounds of courtesy.”

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