Remake of ‘Wonder Woman’ shelved

Sydney: The small screen remake of ‘Wonder Woman’ has been put on hold after producers failed to find investors for the TV show.

Lynda Carter, starred as the scantily-clad superhero in ‘The New Adventures of Wonder Woman’, adapted from the classic DC Comics series, which aired in the United States from 1975 to 1979, reports a daily.

TV bosses recently announced plans to remake the show with Boston Legal creator David E Kelley, prompting rumours to fly speculating about who would land the coveted role as the new leading lady.

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks even made a public appeal to be cast as the heroine.

According to, producers offered the show to a number of US networks last week but failed to find an investor.

The remake has now reportedly been shelved, with an option to revive the project in the future.