Rihanna has food-fight onstage

London: R&B star Rihanna caused a real mess during her much awaited live performance on hit TV show `X-Factor` when her dancers started hurling cupcakes at each other on stage.

The 22-year-old performed her new single `Only Girl`, backed up by dancers. Near the end of the set, her dancers started the food fight, reported Sun online.

Rihanna didn`t take part in the fun, but she jokingly said, "I want some, it tastes good."

The Barbados-born singer managed to avoid the cake being hurled across the stage, but host Dermot O`Leary wasn`t so fortunate, pleading with a giggling Rihanna to call her dancers off as his suit came under fire from meringue.

The food fight made the stage a bit chaotic and the crew had difficulty in cleaning it up when the commercial break was aired.

The ‘X-Factor’ contestants and judges were left gingerly negotiating the stage, which O`Leary said was still slippery after a hasty clean-up.